Cyber Security Darktrace

Company Overview
Founded by mathematicians and cyber defense experts in 2013, Darktrace is a global leader in cybersecurity AI, best known for the innovation power in bringing AI and machine learning to cyber security. Protecting ~9,000 customers from the world’s most complex threats, including ransomware, cloud, and SaaS attacks.
Darktrace deliver complete AI cyber security solutions in its mission to free the world of cyber disruption. It leverages machine learning and mathematics from University of Cambridge to establish the baseline of the normal network activity and detect anomalous activities in the digital environment.
The Darktrace AI Research Centre based in Cambridge, UK, has conducted research establishing new thresholds in cyber security, with technology innovations backed by over 160 patents and pending applications. The company has a second R&D center located in The Hague, Netherlands.
Darktrace AI Platform
Darktrace AI learns your organization’s unique ‘pattern of life’. By learning ‘self’ and adapting its understanding as your digital footprint changes and grows, Darktrace empowers defenders to prevent, detect, and respond to the full range of cyber-attacks. The Darktrace Cyber AI Loop is built on continuous feedback and a deep, interconnected understanding of the enterprise.
Key Benefit
  • Provide a deep knowledge of your enterprise and what constitutes a threat
  • Learns continuously ‘on the job’ and adapts in light of new evidence
  • Detects novel attacks at their earliest stage
  • Installs in under an hour, requiring no manual tuning or configuration
  • Complete visibility across cloud, apps, email, endpoint, network, and operational technology (OT)
  • Delivers simple outputs for security teams 
Darktrace | RESPOND
Darktrace RESPOND represents the first proven application of autonomous response technology in the enterprise. Having pioneered a unique self-learning approach for real-time speed, Autonomous Response technology calculates the best action to take to contain in-progress attacks at machine speed.
Given the speed, scale, and sophistication of modern cyber-threats, human teams alone are no longer capable of staying ahead of attackers. Darktrace’s autonomous cyber response is necessary not only because humans alone cannot keep up with today’s threat climate but also because self-driving AI attacks are approaching.

Key Benefits

  • A 24/7 protection by a self-learning Cyber AI that automatically detects and responds in real-time
  • Does not rely on predefined signatures or prior knowledge
  • Takes targeted, surgical and proportionate action to contain in-progress threats
  • Only way to deal with machine-speed attacks
  • Operative across the entire digital ecosystem
  • Buying time for human teams to catch up by slowing down or stops the progress of novel threats
Darktrace | Email
Darktrace/Email fundamentally applies the technology of DETECT and RESPOND to your email environment. Through its unique understanding of you, rather than knowledge of past attacks, Darktrace/Email stops the most sophisticated and evolving email security risks like generative AI attacks, BEC, account takeover, human error, and ransomware.


Key Benefits

  • Understand the context and possible threat posed at a glance
  • Respond at any moment in the full attack life cycle
  • Reduce non-productive mail
  • Catch misdirected emails with Darktrace/Email Analysis
Darktrace | PREVENT / Attack Surface Management (ASM)
Darktrace PREVENT/ASM provides organizations with insights about digital risks. The ASM platform automatically and continuously maps, monitors and manages various online elements of your organization and brand over a broad range of digital channels. After evolution by the Darktrace AI, a high-level overview is provided to prioritize threats, harden defenses, reduce risks inside the organization and outside at the attack surface.

Key Benefits

Full visibility of various online assets of the organization

  • Hardens security proactively
  • Identifies and prioritizes digital risks
  • Conducts continuous around-the-clock testing
  • Emulates attacks to test vulnerabilities
  • Makes attacks costly for attackers
Darktrace | HEAL
Darktrace HEAL use Al to understand your business data to ensure readiness to recover from an active cyber-attack and rapidly restore the business to an operational state. Attack simulations can be carried out to test a variety of plans and processes, and build staff experience based on detailed, bespoke scenarios to ensure the team can act instinctively when an incident occurs.




Key Benefit

  • Provide bespoke, AI-generated playbooks
  • Integrated automated remediation and recovery actions
  • Establishes secure crisis communication channels
  • Analysis of how ready are you for a cyber-attack