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Backup and recovery for hyperconverged and multi-cloud environments

What does HYCU do?

Fully integrated next-generation backup and recovery software for Nutanix, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud environments.


Integrated data protection which maintains the simplicity of a hyperconverged infrastructure

HYCU offers purpose-built data protection which is fully integrated into the hyperconverged environment. HYCU uses native integration present in Nutanix, Azure and Google Cloud to simplify operations, utilise existing skill sets and drive cost efficiencies.


Working with SiS International Limited

SiS International Limited has deep expertise in data management, cloud and virtualisation and a focus on emerging and next-generation technology. HYCU is an ideal fit for SiS and presents a great opportunity for partners to protect the VMs, applications and data within customers’ hyperconverged infrastructure environments.

SiS International Limited only works with the leading vendors in the market, and actively seeks out leading solutions to bring to the channel that will expand your product portfolios and improve revenue opportunities whilst securing your customers’ valuable data.

SiS International Limited adds further value to HYCU partners by:

  • Providing access to the HYCU Partner Programme that rewards results and fosters growth

  • Equipping HYCU partners with the knowledge and expertise they need to sell more solutions
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete the offering
  • Generating demand with business development and tailored marketing campaigns
  • Responding quickly to partner needs through pre and post-sales expertise, along with a dedicated quotes team

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HYCU Products

Backup and Recovery for Nutanix

HYCU backup and recovery for Nutanix is the only application and data protection solution built specifically for Nutanix. Simple to use and speedy to deploy, HYCU maintains the simplicity of a hyperconverged infrastructure.

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Customer success Stories


Backup and Recovery for Azure

HYCU for Azure provides application aware data protection, data migration and disaster recovery. This applies to Azure customers with workloads running on Azure, data migration of workloads to Azure and using Azure as a DR target for on-prem workloads. With application-consistent backup, recovery and migration for on-prem and public cloud environments, HYCU for Azure offers a true enterprise class multi-cloud data protection solution.

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Backup and Recovery for Google Cloud

HYCU provides backup and recovery as a service for Google Cloud Platform, with no configuration or deployment needed. Scheduling, storage tiering and retention is handled automatically with minimal input and the simple, intuitive recovery wizard makes recovery easy.

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