Cyber Security vArmour


About vArmour

vArmour is the leading provider of Application Relationship Management. Enterprises around the world rely on vArmour to control operational risk, increase application resiliency and secure hybrid clouds -- all while leveraging the technology they already own without adding costly new agents or infrastructure. Based in Los Altos, CA, the company was founded in 2011 and is backed by top investors including Highland Capital Partners, AllegisCyber, Redline Capital, Citi Ventures, and Telstra.


Every Application, Every Relationship, Every Environment

Communication relationships are the threads that weave together your business applications. Take control with Application Relationship Management.


Consistent Control of New and Old

Digital transformation is accelerating, but the old world isn’t going away. Manage every relationship in one place—from cloud-native to mainframe.


Dynamic Application Intelligence

The business is constantly changing. Continuously observe and analyze every application behavior, relationship, and dependency to always be up to date.


More Value from Existing Investments

Your environment has all the data and controls you need. Protect your enterprise with no new agents, appliances, or infrastructure


The vArmour Application Controller



Reduce Operational Risk

Continuous discovery of application dependencies and automated assessment of connected risk.


Increase Application Resiliency

Visualize complex behaviors and reduce the blast radius of incidents.


Secure Hybrid Clouds

Accelerate secure adoption of hybrid cloud through faster migrations and automation of cloud-native security controls.




  • Discover and visualize applications and their relationships across environments
  • Accelerate policy development by using intent-based policy templates
  • Simulate impact of candidate policies with observed communications before deployment to production
  • Deploy policies across various compute platforms and environments
  • Get best practice and compliance reports of critical applications
  • Leverage rich sets of APIs to seamlessly integrate with external orchestration and CMDB systems HI