Video Conference Fujitsu

Fujitsu Interactive Panel is the essential hub for modern meeting spaces as well as digitize classrooms. Compared to projector-based systems, the Fujitsu Interactive Panel offers unparalleled visual performance and fosters collaboration to elevate meeting and teaching efficiency.
Interactive display with 4K resolution
  • Available In 55" 65" 75" 86", offers big viewing experience
High accuracy touch experience
  • Intuitive 20 points of touch
  • Resistant to optical interference (use as usual under direct sunlight)
  • Rapid response, fluent in writing & demonstration
Durable whiteboard surface
  • AG tempered glass Mohs level 7
Multi OS + multi modules
  • Seamless switching between OS
  • Built-in Android + Pluggable PC module
  • Concealed WIFI module, compatible with WIFI 6 networks